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Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekly Food News Roundup: Celebrity chefs debate seal hunt, Amazon to enter the Canadian grocery business, US food stamp cuts hit & more

This week's food news roundup, sharing news, links and stories of interest to or from those of a lefty viewpoint.

US Humane Society led boycott of Canadian seafood to protest the Canadian seal hunt called "ill-considered" by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain:

Canadian celebrity chef Michael Smith follows suit:

Other chefs disagree:

Health Canada issues warning over bacteria in bottled water produced by the Blue Glass Water Co. and found across Southern Ontario:

Federal government launches food recall app; NDP health critic Libby Davies says the most important thing is food labeling:

Canada-EU Trade Agreement to place restrictions on the use of 145 food names:

Amazon to get into the Canadian grocery business:

Disgraceful and devastating $5 billon food stamp cut takes effect in the USA:

Some residents of Irwindale, CA say that fumes from the local Sriracha factory are seriously hurting air quality: 

McDonald's drops Heinz as its ketchup supplier after Heinz appoints former Burger King chief exec as their new CEO!:

Food is a "human right" Vatican Archbishop tells U.N., saying "Hunger is not just a technical problem awaiting technological solutions. Hunger is a human problem that demands solutions based on our common humanity.”:

Image from Wikimedia Commons

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