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Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly Food News Roundup: Canadian food bank use at near record level, UN says climate change threatens food supply & more

This week's food news roundup, sharing news, links and stories of interest to or from those of a lefty viewpoint.

The number of Canadians using and depending on food banks remains at a near record high level at over 800,000 citizens:

FoodShare launches a fresh food vehicle in Toronto:

Very stark UN report states that climate change directly threatens the world's food supply:

UN believes that some stability may come back to global food prices:'pullme'%3EIn%20short,%20when%20you%20empower%20a%20woman,%20you%20change%20the%20world%3C/span%3Ettp://

Are Yelp restaurant reviews being faked?:

Lawsuits lead companies to quietly drop "natural" claim from labels:

Chef Amanda Cohen calls out Time Magazine's "Gods of Food" for its sexism:

Various salad products recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes by CFIA:

The recession in the UK drives families to cut back on healthy foods:

US FDA contemplates a trans fat ban...and how this could affect Canadians:

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