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Friday, June 28, 2013

That Lefty Food Blog weekly food news roundup: Boycott Labatt's, solidarity with Pepsi workers in West Bengal, and more!

This is the first of what will be a weekly food news roundup every Friday sharing food news, links and stories from a lefty viewpoint. 

This week's stories:

Boycott Labatt's! Find out why and details on the ongoing labour action in Newfoundland here:

How a story about chickens and food distribution becomes a lesson in Colonialism:

McDonald's concedes that its Halal products were sometimes not:

Enjoying bannock burgers and bannock hot dogs at Native Delights in Edmonton:

A serious food crisis faces the people of Madagascar:

Pakistan urgently needs food & nutrition assistance according to the UN:

20 years of data show that beef, poultry and fish are still behind the largest numbers of foodborne illness outbreaks, but outbreaks associated with leafy greens are on the rise:

Continuing a disturbing trend, food prices continue to rise in Canada:

Bigot Paula Deen finally given the toss by the Food Network: Even Walmart follows suit:

Pepsi Co. is dismissing and intimidating workers trying to unionize in West Bengal. Read about it and sign the petition here:

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