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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Dish: Gyro & Eggs @ George the Greek

The Dish: Gyro & Egg Breakfast with Potatoes 
Where: George the Greek, 3575 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Etobicoke.

Tucked away out in historic Long Branch on the lake is one of Toronto's hidden gem diners, George the Greek. George's has all of the usual diner classics; burgers, Club Sandwiches, large Caesar salads with grilled chicken, All Day Breakfasts, etc. And they do them all well.

But they also have really excellent Greek fare mixed in to the menu, like their huge Gyro sandwiches, terrific Souvlaki dinners and, if you are lucky and go on the right day, their absolutely fantastic Dolmadakia.

But one of the things that keeps me going back is the Gyro & Egg Breakfast with Potatoes. George's incredibly moist and delectably seasoned Gyro meat served with perfectly cooked eggs, a delicious homemade Tatziki sauce to dip the meat in, and lightly fried thin sliced potatoes with a distinctive paprika seasoning blend. 

It is to die for.


At $8.95, it is also a perfect way to start the day...or to enjoy mid-afternoon on a day off! 

George's is on the 501 Queen Streetcar line, at Long Branch Ave. 

The Dish is a regular feature that will look at one dish that we particularly love at a restaurant, diner, food truck, etc. Please feel free to submit your favourite dishes from restaurants in your community. Please include a photo of the dish or establishment if at all possible.

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