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Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly food news roundup: Waste & "food insecurity" in Canada, the US fast food strike gains momentum & more!

This week's Friday food news roundup, sharing news, links and stories of interest to or from those of a lefty viewpoint.  

The terrible moral contradictions of capitalist food distribution in Canada where citizens go hungry, food prices soar and $27.7 billion in food is wasted (authored by this blogger): 

The exciting rise of the US fast food worker strike movement: 

The fight to change bylaws around "urban farming" comes to Ontario:

Toronto institutional cafeteria safety records to be finally easy to access by the public:

Despite profitability closures, layoffs and consolidation coming to the Metro grocery store network:

Pet food recall due to possible salmonella contamination:

Ahead of many cities in Canada, Edmonton allows more food trucks more hours in more places:

Could the healthy Aztec "wonder food" Amaranth make a comeback hundreds of years later?:

The American right-wing media blatantly lies about the "lifestyle" of US citizens depending on food stamps:

Will the global rise of Quinoa leave Andean farmers behind?:

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