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Friday, July 26, 2013

That Lefty Food Blog weekly food news roundup: Quebec agriculture workers organize, NYC fast food workers strike, food trucks & more...

This week's Friday food news roundup, sharing news, links and stories of interest to or from those of a lefty viewpoint.  

New York City fast food workers to strike:

Food trucks finally coming to Toronto...but not everywhere:

Saskatoon's first food truck hits the streets:

Renewed clashes in Darfur threaten long term food security in Sudan according to the UN:

They have always said you should not skip breakfast and that midnight snacks are bad...and they may have been right:

Palm Oil...a less than ideal substitute for trans fats?: 

The over-intensification of agriculture in Europe may be causing a dangerous decline in the butterfly: 

"Food Insecurity"...otherwise known as poverty or being a paycheque away from destitution, means that almost four million Canadians struggle to afford food:  

Quebec agriculture workers in Saint-Nicolas, many of them migrant labourers from Guatemala and Mexico, seek to unionize:

Tim Hortons forced to apologize after blocking gay news site:

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